Live at the Dog Bar in Gloucester. Pedal to the metal kickin but cover Rock! They sound huge and play all the songs you love. Oh, the guitarist is from outer space insane! No less props for the bass, drums, harmonica, n vocals. These guys kill it and draw the crowd to prove it. Check em out.




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Spotlight Tavern in Beverly, MA

First time here. Feels like I finally walked into a Rock Club. I haven’t experienced that in some time. Lots of black. Nice stage, Rock decorations, AND a good variety of beers on tap. Tuesday is open mic. And the players and audience are to have a good time. Check it out some night!



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DJ Slipwax

Hearing sounds I haven’t heard before. I love that! DJ Slipwax at Minglewood in Goucester. Check him out!  Listen on Reverb Nation

DJ Slipwax

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Steve Caraway, Fridays at Catch22

Steve Caraway | Gloucester, MA

Steve Caraway is helping Catch22 hang loose and rockout on Fridays.  Steve is a great songwriter and I am a big fan of his original music.  He can also jam out one cover song after another, always pulling out surprise hits you almost forgot about.  He takes requests and keeps the party going.

Catch22 recently opened as a Sports Pub in Gloucester.  Go hang out, watch the games, play some pool, and have some drinks.  They have some pub food as well cheap wings every time there is a game playing.  Go check out Steve and see if you can stump him with a request.

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I saw Qwill playing with Dennis Monagle at the MInglewood Tavern.  Qwill is a very talented guy.  Singing and playing the keys and synth at the same time.  I would describe his music as funk with soul and blending with some electronic layers.  I like electronic music an this was a great mix.  I was blown away how he was playing the hell our of a rhodes while also putting out a smooth bass line with one hand on his synth sitting on top of the rhodes.  And this was while singing!  Check out the video and go see him play if you get a chance. You wont be dissapointed.

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Minglewood Tavern

Minglewood Tavern

The Minglewood Tavern is an excellent pub which is in the same building as Lat43.  If   this was a food blog I would go on about how Lt 43 is full scale 4 star restaurant with amazing decor and seafood.  Put it on the top of your list.

Wait, the Minglewood is fantastic too!  Offering a subset of the lat 43 menu geared towards a pub menu.  They always have great live music.  It is a very cool vibe in there.  It took me a few visits before I noticed the cool antlers surrounding the ceiling of the bar as well as all the cool blends of music decor.

The beer list is great!  A fine selection of top notch drafts and you feel you have to try each one. Every night there is also great specials like something cents Buffalo Wings or All you can eat sushi (oy!).

Next time your looking for great music, watch a game, or place to chill with good people, check out the Minglewood Tavern.

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Where are the shows? Check out “Music Around Town”

Music Around Town

If you’ve been trying to figure out where to go see Live music on Cape Ann and you haven’t found “Music around Town”, I can’t imagine you are trying hard enough!  This blog is created by dedicated music fan and music lover, Joanne.

It amazes me all the pictures and info she gets on her weekly blog.  You can always go to Joanne’s blog and find out about practically every live show going on around Cape Ann. Don’t miss the blogroll of all the bands and other cool links on the right side of the blog.

Every time I am on her site seeing who is playing this week, I just wish I could get out to see more shows!  Check it out and show your appreciation.   Thank you Joanne for all the work you put into your blog.

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