Hello Fellow Music Lovers!

My name is Jessica Bean. I can’t play a guitar, I could play a song on a piano if I practiced for weeks at least an hour a day, which I don’t have to do so. However, from as early as I can remember I can and love to sing. It’s something that everyone did in my family naturally. It was like talking. My mom was always singing and always teaching us to sing. I can still hear “You sound too nasal sing from your abdomen.” It took a while to get this concept as I’m not really sure when I realized that abdomen was stomach. And I can still hear the most beautiful voice I’ve ever heard; my grandmother singing in the kitchen as she cooked and cleaned and went about the house. I started singing in choruses when I was in Jr. High School and continued in Chorus and doing plays in High School. Never anything too big. I was able to get some private voice lessons after High School and I feel that’s really where “I found my voice.” I feel like after those lessons though I had no outlet for singing other than the car and shower. But, since moving to Gloucester, I have moseyed on down to the Mermaid Sessions at Gusiepee’s and belted out a couple of tunes.

I am excited about this blog. Since moving to Cape Ann Rich and I have met so many musicians and been to see a couple different bands play. I feel like every other person we meet either plays guitar, sings, plays the harp, you name it. It’s really quite cool and has been huge for both of us. We even had carolers come to our house at Christmas!

One reason we wanted to set up this blog was so that all these different musicians we meet in and around Cape Ann can have a place to go to. A place to share what’s happening around town, their music, or different ideas they want to talk about or share. Please contact us if you have anything you would like share or have us post about.


About Cape Ann Music

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2 Responses to Hello Fellow Music Lovers!

  1. James Buhrendorf says:

    Jess, you sing great. Let me share a secret.

    A great singer I know told me slightly MORE than your “abdominal” mentors did. Most prudish white folks and opera head singers don’t realize there’s a LOT more real estate south of your stomach…They’ve kinda culturally disconnected from those regions…

    Your navel, your crotch, your ass, your two good legs and the forces that literally ground you. Square up and feel the earth beneath your feet, Loosen your knees and hips. And unclench your butt and your gut. Shake out your arms, raise them high. THEN rise up THRU the stomach, chest, lungs, throat and open mouth. Let ‘er rip…Sing from the netherlands. Reach for the sky..

  2. Melissa says:

    I just had flashbacks of 8th grade chorus 🙂

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