Rich Bean Music


I finally moved to Gloucester in July 2011 with my family. This area is beautiful. My specialty is in guitar and sound engineering. I love to play guitar as well produce my own music. I test software during the day. Since moving here I am constantly discovering and enjoying musical talent. There are so many nice people I have met and have been learning from. On Tuesdays I go to Open Mic at Night at the Dog Bar in Gloucester. It’s always a great time and very welcoming.  I hope this site can serve as another way to connect with other musicians on Cape Ann.

You can click the banner above to check out my music. Ignore the “Buy”, its all free.
Come on in!


About Cape Ann Music
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2 Responses to Rich Bean Music

  1. Nice. What kind of music do you write?

  2. Rich B says:

    thanks! I guess Indie Rock, Punk Rock, Acoustic, Electronic, Pop. Depends on the mood I guess :- )

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