Support Our Local Young Musicians

Did you know about the Linda Wieditz Scholarship Fund?  In a time when schools are cutting arts and music, Rockport High School students are given a chance to receive a scholarship for a higher education in Music. Just another reason to be so happy about living on Cape Ann.  If you are a Rockport High School student, or parent of one, this is something  you may want to look into.  Let’s face it, usually, colleges that revolve around music studies tend to be on the more expensive side.  Although we must give props to UMASS Lowell who has a great music program.  If you believe in encouraging a younger generation to pursue their passions for music then you too should check this out.

I first read about the scholarship fund in this week’s Cape Ann Beacon, intrigued I turned to Google to find out more.

Linda was beloved teacher at Rockport High School who in July of 2003 was lost at sea in a diving accident off the coast of Puerto Rico. It was a great loss to the community. A scholarship fund in her memory was founded in 2004.  Each year a Rockport High School student, planning a higher education in music, is awarded the scholarship.  According to their Facebook page funds have been depleted and they are starting from scratch this year.  They are not only asking for monetary donations but are looking for performers and volunteers to help produce 2 spring concerts that will include Rockport High School Students, past recipiants, alumni, and local musicians.  Remember, as in the case with any charity, every little bit counts, and a little bit can go a long way.

For monetary donations please send checks to:                                                                 Linda Wieditz Memorial Scholarship c/o Bonnie Gray                                                                  4 Mt. Pleasant Place                                                                                                                           Rockport, MA  01966

To volunteer or find out more information please contact:

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