Dennis Monagle

You can check out some music by Dennis Monagle on 

I’ve seen his name before and I saw his name posted on GoodMorningGloucester by Vickie.  It looks like Dennis is in the Bandkit Kings, another fantastic band I have yet to meet.  There are only two tracks on GimmeSound. I love the sound and the recordings.  I hope to hear some more and see him play.  Check it out! Local music.. spread the word…

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2 Responses to Dennis Monagle

  1. Joanne says:

    Hi Rich,
    Dennis is with the Bandit Kings, Groove and often plays out with Qwill. He shares his talent wherever and whenever he is available. That’s just the kind of guy he is. The Dennis Monagle sessions happen at MinglewoodAtLat43 every Wednesday evening. You can hear special guests such as Qwill, The Dejas, Jeff Buckridge, Megan McKenzie, Elle Gallo, Mark Early and even The Bandit Kings. FYI they are going to be there next week…I really look forward to Wednesdays.

    • Rich B says:

      Thanks Joanne! After I posted this I was lucky enough to checkout the Dennis Monagle Sessions one night, where Qwill was playing with him. Dennis is also behind the Drums at the Rhumbline on Monday Open Mic with the Bandit Kings…. where I finally had the chance to meet you.

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