Minglewood Tavern

Minglewood Tavern

The Minglewood Tavern is an excellent pub which is in the same building as Lat43.  If   this was a food blog I would go on about how Lt 43 is full scale 4 star restaurant with amazing decor and seafood.  Put it on the top of your list.

Wait, the Minglewood is fantastic too!  Offering a subset of the lat 43 menu geared towards a pub menu.  They always have great live music.  It is a very cool vibe in there.  It took me a few visits before I noticed the cool antlers surrounding the ceiling of the bar as well as all the cool blends of music decor.

The beer list is great!  A fine selection of top notch drafts and you feel you have to try each one. Every night there is also great specials like something cents Buffalo Wings or All you can eat sushi (oy!).

Next time your looking for great music, watch a game, or place to chill with good people, check out the Minglewood Tavern.

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